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Monday 6 April 2015

Day 96 of 365 Day Challenge

Our resort has it's own nature reserve and we went on the nocturnal walk last night and saw a green viper, a mouse deer and a civet cat. Today we went to see them feeding the two orangutan youngsters who are being rehabilitated to go back into the wild. My picture for today was going to be the orangutan but it is our last evening and the sunset was so stunning I just had to use that instead.

Camera+, Snapseed, retouch.

However I have included a picture of the orangutan. I used my telephoto lens and again I struggled to get sharp pictures. They do not compare with what I can get with my Panasonic LUMIX but with a little tweaking the best ones were okay.

Taken with Camera+, cropped and enhanced in Snapseed and a texture formula applied in Stackables.

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