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Monday 24 September 2012

New York

My trip to New York and Boston was just fantastic.  When my husband and I do a city holiday, we walk and walk and walk and one of my favourite walks in New York was the 'High Line'.  Here's a manipulated pic from our walk along this walkway:

Also on this walk, was this picture of stored cars, not something you find here in England so a fascination to me:

Tuesday 18 September 2012


Oh dear, I have to add yet another city to my list of favourite cities!  My previous list was London, New York, Sydney, San Francesco and Cape Town.  Now I have to add Boston.

What a beautiful city!  A fascinating mix of old and new.  I loved Newbury Street with all the interesting (if rather expensive) boutiques in the old houses.  We had casual supper there one night and had one of the best meals of our trip.

Monday 10 September 2012

Just Love Handbags

I just love fabric handbags and last week I was up in London and couldn’t resist popping into my favourite handbag shop in Covent Garden called Lollipops, a little French boutique shop, which has very reasonable but different handbags.

I have been looking for a little handbag that I can take with me on holiday that can store the bare essentials with the rest of my paraphernalia going into a backpack.  I ended up buying this lovely little bag which I realised at the time was a little impractical but I couldn’t resist:

The problem is that there is nowhere to really store a small fold up brush and a lipstick.  I can slip my mobile phone into one of the side pockets so that’s not too bad.  I can put the items in one of the sleeves at the back and the bag closes fine which is okay in the evening when I seldom open my bag but a nightmare during the day, if I am doing shopping and need to pay for items. 

So, decided to make a little bag that could attach to this main bag.  I dug out some fabric that I printed a while back and set out making this little bag:

 Well, it is proving to be highly successful!  It’s big enough to hold a passport and my boarding pass plus a fold-up brush and a lipstick so I have those in a convenient and accessible area.  When I am shopping, I can put my mobile phone in it so I can get to it quickly and when I am out sightseeing my camera fits into it beautifully and I am happy to put the rest of the items in my backpack.