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Sunday 19 April 2015

Day 109 of 365 Day Challenge

I have been spending time messing around with the app, Painterly. It has a huge amount of potential especially as an app for collage. The results I have been getting almost feel like real canvases that I have collaged.

However it has a couple of major flaws. Firstly the only canvas is the iPad retina screen size and resolution. Very irritating if your photos are square. Also, If you are seriously thinking of printing out your work at some point, it's a real negative and I am now having to think seriously of weeding out any apps which don't have a good enough resolution.  Secondly, If you move your photo in the compose mode there doesn't seem to be a way of sizing it back to the original size/position which is annoying. The undo button doesn't work with this. The only way is to reload the photo. Thirdly, if you use a photo as your background it needs to be in portrait and the right size. If all these problems with the canvas were sorted I think it would become a serious contender in my 'paintbox'. Otherwise it might have to be ditched unfortunately. The app takes a little time to get use to and I definitely needed the help to work out how to use it.

Okay, with the gripes over with, one of the things I like which make it a little different from anything else are the rendering options. For example, you can paint in different blend modes and together with this chose a render mode such as drypoint which gives you outlines. I have achieved some interesting and surprising results this way. It's worth playing around with the combinations to see what you get. I like the background canvases the app provides and the fact that you can chose your own.

So here is today's picture which is a mashup of quite a few photos and manipulations. It started off completely differently and has been painted over a couple of times.

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