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Saturday 7 May 2016

Inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Now I have to tell you that Jean-Michel Basquiat is not my favourite artist but it's interesting how one can still get a feeling for an artist's approach and find one's own interpretation of their style. I signed up for Creative Jumpstart 2016 to see if I could get inspiration for my iPad photo art even though the examples were all done with paint and paper. 25 multimedia artists give10 minute videos of their intepretation of their chosen famous artist (5 famous artists in all).

I watched all 5 videos covering Basquiat but started with Birgit Koopsen's approach and took it from there. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't have gone on to add the scribbles etc but it was quite cathartic. I'm not mad about the result but as part of the process I did come up with another photo which I prefer which is the second one on this post.

Apps Used: SketchClub and iColorama