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Tuesday 28 April 2015

Day 118 of 365 Day Challenge

It's another day mostly at home and to my surprise I am fully into manipulating selfies although to be honest it's more a case of having a face to manipulate and if I had some models at my disposal I would use them instead. It's the process of transformation that I am enjoying.

What to do this time. I start in Snapseed, cropping the picture in close and tuning it a bit. Then into Facetune to smooth some bits and enhance others. Now I am ready to have fun. I take it into Aerograph and get some interesting results. From here into iColorama to blend some of the results from Aerograph. Still a bit boring so I blended it with a circuit board texture. I feel like I still need some details so I take it into SketchClub and add some doodles to a layer which I blend in with the picture. The whole picture seems a bit bright so I take it into Stackables and discover that actually a monotone version looks the best. A final tune in Snapseed and here it is:

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