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Thursday 16 January 2014

Sausage Dog

It's been a while since I posted any of my photo manipulation.  Here is a pic of a friend's dog that I did for her recently:

Sunday 5 January 2014

Owl Handbag

I think it must be every lady's quest in life to find the ultimate handbag.  I find leather handbags too heavy so I have been meaning for many years to make myself the all time handbag but I can never find the right material that suits all my colour needs.

Lately, I have been in search of this elusive fabric and it has often struck me that the best fabrics are used for cushions.  I often see a cushion and think, hey, that would make a great handbag.  Well, this weekend I found this gorgeous owl cushion and I thought - YES, I'm going to make a handbag of that.  I had an old pair of pinstripe trousers that had become threadbare in places and I kept it for 8 years (!) with the intention of making a bag with it sometime. I realised that I could use it for lining, pockets and a strap.  So inside the Owl I added lining with a zip pocket and two open pockets for my Sony walkman and phone and added a zip at the top.  So here it is:

I absolutely love it.  I can see myself using it to death. I love the size and there are lots of colours to go with all my winter clothes.  It's a bit funky but I love having something different.

Think I am in search of another cushion to make a summer bag now!