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About Me

I have worked in computers since the early 80s starting on mainframes and then mini computers and finally PCs.

In my 30s I worked in London as an analyst/programmer which meant long hours working and travelling and although I fit in sport there never seemed to be time for hobbies.  In 2008, my husband and I decided to add an extension to our house. I was feeling exhausted so looked forward to taking time off to supervise the work. However, when it was finally finished at the end of 2008 the credit crunch had hit and being off for nearly a year from the IT sector, was a huge disadvantage. Anyhow I really had had enough of programming.

While working I developed an interest in computer graphics as part of my job and also loved cleaning up my own photographs or editing video.  My husband loved photography and I decided, right, time for a change. So I launched myself into learning Photoshop and Photoshop Elements in earnest and haven't looked back. I now consider myself a Photo Manipulation Artist and Teacher specialising on the iPad.

I love iPhoneography and virtually all my photography and manipulation is now done on iPhone and iPad.


  1. As a teacher, do you offer courses online? If so, which of the programs that you use are taught?

  2. I don't do online courses anymore. I am about to start putting up some videos on youtube which will be short tutorials on either video apps or photo apps for the iphone and ipad. Subscribe if you want and then you will get notified if I add any videos.

    I am now spending more time on my own art.