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Wednesday 25 February 2015

Day 56 of 365 Day Challenge

I didn't feel like taking photos today. In fact, I didn't even feel like going out but I had a hair appointment. The only thing that gave me some excitement was the fact that Olloclip has come out with a telephoto lens for the iphone 6 and I was hoping to pop into the Apple Store first and see if they had it. So I went out a good two hours before my appointment to see if I could get one. Well, they didn't have one and when I phoned my usual Olloclip supplier they didn't have one either so now I'm really grumpy.

I decide to go to Soho so that I can get my daily photo out of the way and this is an easy option. So I go to a quirky hat shop which I know will make my life simple and next minute I'm engrossed in taking photos and thoroughly enjoying myself. I peer down a little lane off Hollywood Road in an area I thought I knew well and see this interesting little general courtyard. I go down the steps and oh my, it's a treasure  trove. I NOW have my daily shot. There's a lovely little French restaurant there too and I treat myself to a dessert and tea. In the meantime I am inspired to create and take some of my old pictures and make a collage. After this I explored more and going passed the doorway to a building I hear a wonderful tune coming from the doorman who is playing a harmonica. I stand for a moment and tap my feet in tune. Ah yes it's been a good day!

My daily picture - Yes, there is hope!

Here is the collage I did at the French cafe:

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