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Tuesday 10 February 2015

Day 41 of 365 Day Challenge

Although I have done a lot of photo manipulation over the past 5 years, I never really concentrated on actual photography and I feel this is an area I could significantly improve on, so I joined Nina de Vries of Snap! Photography on a group walk in Hong Kong Park to improve my photography with a DSLR.

This meant that I didn't get many iPhone pictures but I did manage to take a couple here and there. While we were in the aviary, a Bali Starling was posing on the railings and I got some lovely shots of him with my iPhone as I was able to get close. Here is one. I cropped it in Snapseed and then cleaned up some of the background in Photoshop Touch. Finally, I used the Paint option in iColorama to give it a painterly look:

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