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Wednesday 4 February 2015

Day 34 of 365 Day Challenge

I went down to Hong Kong Park today to get my daily picture. I tried a little 'street photography', some flowers, some landscapes but nothing really stood out. It's Chinese New Year soon and all the decorations are out so I decided to go to the mall nearby which normally has spectacular decorations to see if I could get some interesting shots. The typical theme for Chinese New Year is all types of dark pinks, salmons and blossoms as well as the Chinese year symbols. I got a lot of good stuff but most of it required quite a bit of manipulation. In the end I have settled for using the blossoms.

The original picture was taken with Hipstamatic using Helga Viking and Dreamcanvas. I decided to add the blossoms back as a raised layer and to grunge it up a bit. In Photoshop Touch I cut out the blossoms. Next I added grunge to the original layer using both Snapseed and Stackables. I then took it into iColorama and used the artist brush to give it more of a painterly look. I brought this back into Photoshop Touch and added the cut out blossoms with a drop shadow. I exported the result and grunge it a bit more in Stackables and then added a border in IColorama.

This was the picture before the drop shadow and I quite liked this version too:

This is the original picture:

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