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Monday 26 March 2012

Phone Drawing App No. 4

I've been away on holiday for 2 weeks and I was hoping to add blog posts while I was away but in the end internet access was sporadic and mostly not available from my own computer so I gave up in the end.

I added another drawing app to my phone just before I left so that I could try it out on the flight.  It's called Pocket Sketchbook and this was the free version.  It didn't have layers so, although I was able to load a photograph, I had to alter the photograph itself.  I found the drawing options quite limiting and the drawings I finally came up with weren't very good.  We visited Singapore and I tried to create a simple skyscraper silhouette for manipulation.  I also coloured over a lily that I had on the phone.

This the skyscraper:

The only thing I managed to come up with was a pattern.  Nothing else I seemed to do to it looked like anything special.

This is what I did to the lily:

However, I did so much manipulation to it, not sure the changes on the phone meant much and it would have been far easier to do on the PC.

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