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Friday 2 March 2012

Phone Drawing App No. 1

Sitting in a coffee shop or just waiting somewhere, I feel that I should be doing something and now that I have acquired an Android phone, I feel that I should put it to good use.  I have seen some of the wonderful stuff that artists have done on their phones and decided to have a go at finding a drawing application that might add to the photo manipulation that I do.  I started off with the free version of Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile which is one of the best known.

Although I thought the software was reasonably easy to get around, boy, how do those artists managed to produce the stuff they do??  I might as well have been 8 years old because that was the quality of the stuff I was able to produce.  Okay, so it was going to have to be simple doodles!  I was not very impressed with anything I was able to produce.  However, I took two of my doodles:

And produced this in Photoshop Elements with a lot of blending and camouflage!

Things can only get better - I hope!

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