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Sunday 4 March 2012

Phone Drawing App No. 2

The next app I tried on the Android is the free version of DScribble.  To be honest, I thought it was too limited.  Also, you couldn't save it on the phone - it had to be uploaded to the internet visible to everybody. This would be no use if I was on a flight. Besides, I could do a lot more and the same in Sketchbook.  I did a lot of very basic scribbles knowing that I would use them for brushes:
I came up with this pattern in Photoshop Elements after I converted the scribbles to brushes and patterns.  Not sure what I will do with what I made but who knows.

I quite liked the 'barbed wire' squiggle and will probably incorporate this into future art. What I have to remember is the whole point of putting something on my phone is that I can create when I am on the go and just the simplest of doodles can have a great outcome.

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