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Friday 26 June 2015

Day 177 of 365 Day Challenge

I'm very lucky to live between two parks so if I go towards the city I walk through Hong Kong Botanical Gardens and if I walk the opposite way I walk through Hong Kong Park. I decided to get some exercise late afternoon and walk into town for a coffee and to do some photography.

I'm just amazed what photographs I get when I am especially going out to get one. Walking around the edge of the park I heard some frogs and discovered a little pond I hadn't noticed before. Oh, and there were some great frogs that you normally can't get close to because the pond is usually too big. The first frog hopped away quickly but I managed to get fairly close to the next one before he scarpered.

There was virtually nothing I needed to do to the photo I got except rotate it and maybe up the saturation slightly which I did in Snapseed.

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