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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Day 165 of 365 Day Challenge

I was walking through Hong Kong Park this morning on my way to do some shopping. It had recently rained and everything was still dripping but it was already humid at 9.30am. Walking down the steps I saw something minute hopping in front of me. Oh, oh, oh, it's the tiniest of tiny frogs. Got to get a photo and unusually I am not prepared so I fumble in my bag for my iPhone at the same time trying to deflect the little chap from jumping away. Fortunately he has man-size steps to climb up. I snap, snap, snap but realise that I really need to put my macro lens on so more fumbling in the bag and waving at the little frog to keep him on the path and in the meantime the mosquitoes have smelled my blood and are hovering all over and I'm slapping at them too. The occasional person walking past must have thought I was insane. Oh damn and the macro lens has just fogged up so I'm wiping the lens, swatting at the mossies, shooing the frog. I finally get a couple of shoots off before I lose my subject but not sure if I have managed to get a good capture.

I have my hands full with lens caps and what-have-you so although I am excited to see the results, I decide to carry on to my favourite coffee shop and have a look there. Well, I didn't get the perfect shot. There were some great pictures of him climbing up the steps which were blurred but I was fairly happy with two of them and here they are. The first one being my shot of the day and one taken with the Olloclip macro lens and the second one actually the first picture I took. Both were taken with Hipstamatic and slightly enhanced in Snapseed.

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