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Tuesday 25 November 2014

Frustration can't get iPhone 6 in HK

I am very frustrated by the fact that I am unable to get hold of an iPhone 6 here in Hong Kong. The process of getting one is just impossible and a source of huge frustration. The only way to get one through Apple is to sign onto their website at 8am every morning and try and reserve one for that day but by the time I have got through they are all gone. I have now been doing this for three weeks solid. I go through 3 phrases (1) total anxiety trying to get all my details and Apple's texted code onto the website in record time (2) complete deflation when once again they are all gone (3) complete rant at Apple at such a mindless pursuit.  Can I please just put my name down on a list and order one??!!! 

UPDATE: yippee, yippee, as I use my iPad for my training business, Apple are letting me buy an iPhone through their business section. Thank you, Apple, thank you!

Anyhow it means that I cannot take mobile pictures and enter them onto mobile photography sites and I have to make do with taking my camera out and just manipulating the pictures on my iPad to get practice.  Here is an emerald pigeon that I took at the Aviary in Hong Kong Park which I manipulated in iColorama after seeing Heide Hoffmann's tutorial on YouTube and then applying the new Coherence Effect. I thought afterwards that I should have tried the new record feature but will try that next time.

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