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Tuesday 4 November 2014

Apps, Apps and More Apps

Gee, more than a month has gone by and I am so absorbed in all the photographic apps out there I have completely forgotten to post! Interestingly, my favourites still remain the ones I researched and started off with: Snapseed, iColorama and Superimpose.  However, I miss the heavy duty selection tools in Photoshop and the layering so I am testing apps at the moment for their selection and layering abilities and these will probably supersede Superimpose. I do use other apps as well to add interesting effects like I did below using Trimaginator (web effect).

I love that you can now import brushes into iColorama (not that there isn't a fantastic choice) and I created this picture on my iPad from scratch using brushes I created from free vintage pictures and some textures from Jerry at Shadowhouse Creations.


  1. This IS so different! Kudos to you and your work!

  2. Sue, this is a wonderful world to get into. If you have ever struggled with Photoshop, the apps are a doddle to learn in comparison and the effects limitless. There are fantastic communities of iPhoneographers. The drawback of course is that the competition is vast and talented and have been doing it for years :}

    I've started giving courses in some of the general photo apps and it's really great that non-techie people now find it easy to enhance their own photos. The response has been overwhelming.

    I think it is entirely possible that I will end up abandoning Photoshop and go entirely mobile....