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Thursday 19 April 2012

Using Art in Photoshop Elements

My whole aim with Photoshop Elements is to merge art and the computer.

I am doing a course in fabric surface design and dyeing this year with Committed to Cloth called 'Wet and Wild'.  The 1st two weeks we concentrated on straight forward dyeing and colour mixing.  Last week we started on mark making with thickened dyes and the aim was to experiment with all sorts of mark making tools like credit cards, brushes, combs etc.

So at last I have something to experiment with on PSE.  Here is one of my bits of fabric marked using a credit card:

Here is the fabric scanned into Photoshop Elements, changed and made into a pattern.  I really want to print this onto fabric.  Just love it. And what potential for machine or hand embroidery!

And this is just one of my samples!

1 comment:

  1. This is just beautiful Ann! The whole idea of combining painted and decorated fabric with PSE to create your digital art is intriguing. Love your blog... am now following with my google reader. Thanks.