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Monday 30 April 2012

From a Chore to Heart Wrenching

I needed to get something out on my blog today - yeah, we all dig around in our jumble box sometimes just to get something out on the blog.

I took a picture of a teddy bear that we had recently been given and just messed around with it in PSE.  But honestly, it looked naff.  So I thought let me try and make it look vintage so I added a picture of my sister and all of a sudden my Mother's old story came back to me with piercing sadness.

When she was about 4 her Dad threw away her teddy bear because she left it once too often lying around in the lounge.  She never forgave her father for this and it was one of the few stories she told about her happy but strict childhood.

So in her 80s she bought herself a little old fashioned looking teddy bear and crocheted some clothes for it and propped it lovingly on her bed until she sadly passed away just before Christmas last year.

So the picture I ended up doing completely changed and I took a picture of her teddy which is now propped up lovingly on my bed. I think it's quite hard for me to put it on here and if you see a smudge on the photo it's probably one of my tears.

She's the little girl in the middle of the family picture and I left the tear across the middle of this picture because I think it was meant to be there.

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