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Sunday 8 April 2012

Macro Flower

Couldn't resist taking part in Photo Art Friday because I love macro views.  Can you guess what flower I used?

Here are the steps:
1. Select Flower, invert selection to get background, convert selection to black and white.
2. Added Bonnie's Antique Farewell texture.
3. Added a second layer using colour #542526, where I erased the inside using soft brush and 42% opacity.
4. Blended Bonnie's layer and second texture (Texture2) using Pinlight to create Layer2.
5. Created some outlines using Glowing Edges (this will be part of one of my new online sessions coming soon!).
6. Applied Lighter Color Blend on Layer2.
7. Improved the contrasts using a Levels Adjustment Layer.
8. Reduced the pink a bit by using a cyan Photo Filter Adjustment Layer.