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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Scanning in Bits and Bobs

It's amazing what you can do with stuff you have around the house to include in PE collages.  If I have a piece of fabric which I have dyed or painted which is really good, I scan it into my computer knowing that I may well use it in something else.

I use acetate sheets for monoprinting and the patterns that are left on the sheets are often better than the monoprint!  Here is one I did a while back:

Another fun thing I like to do is scan in scraps of fabric and then use it as a background:

Combine that with this picture of a zebra I took at a game reserve in South Africa:

And you have this:

I'm looking forward to the embroidery course I have just signed up for which is starting in a week's time - could do something great with this I reckon!


  1. Great ideas, Ann. Have you tried gelli printing yet? This is something I am very keen to try. As a monoprinting technique, scanning stuff in is an extremely good idea because you get to use it again.


  2. Bought myself a gelli plate while I was in Boston last year because you couldn't get them here at the time. It's kinda on a list of all the things I want to do!