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Tuesday 28 June 2011

I have the gadgets long before I need them

Do you buy craft stuff in an enthusiastic/inspired moment and never get round to using it?

I don't think there are many crafts out there that I couldn't start tomorrow what with everything I have in my cupboards!

Anyhow, I love hand embroidery but have done very little in the past and probably shy away from it because it not something I know alot about.  I know it would make a huge difference to my work and I am so inspired by other people who do it.  I bought Janet Edmond's book recently - From Print to Stitch and realised how you can spice up an ordinary piece of dyed fabric with a little bit of stitch witchery.

So I was walking in one of my favourite towns today, Guildford, and popped into the local needlework shop.  There was a fantastic embroidery stand there - a real beauty and it took all my willpower to walk out of the shop without it under my arm.  It wasn't cheap but it was the best!  But come on, Ann, you haven't even started embroidery yet!

Sigh.  It did mean that when I got home I was inspired to see if there were any online courses coming up and lo and behold there is...hmmm maybe I'll buy that stand after all.

I also found a brilliant website for learning stitches.  Check out Mary Corbet's site.


  1. Oh, the gadgets in the cupboard syndrome, Ann! I know it only too well. I'm terrible at craft shows for the "I've just GOT to have one of those..." One day I shall use them all! I think one way of making yourself use them is how you store them. If something's at the back of the cupboard you won't use it. (Same with kitchen gadgets.) If it's out, and accessible, you are much more likely to use it because a) you don't have to get it out (too much effort) and b) you see it there, and don't actually forget you've got it lol!!

    When I set up my new ARTHaven, I am having different zones for different types of work, and I'm hoping I shall be able to have more stuff out, and it will get used properly. A good work setup helps with this, and if you've got easy access to running water this helps too, and of course, good lighting and lots of power points. All things on the list for Andy (our builder) to make sure I've got!!


  2. Actually, in this instance, I never did buy the embroidery stand but I know I will one day!