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Wednesday 15 June 2011

From Techie to Artist

In my short life as an 'artist' (I'm not sure when one is entitled to call oneself an artist!), I have realised that even if the work one does is mostly computer based, much of the best work I have seen starts off as a drawing or painting which was scanned in and manipulated.  It seems to make it more arty.

So, I decided that it was important to learn how to draw and that painting would help me to learn how to mix and combine colours.  My first foray into watercolours was in March this year when I did an online course.  I think these online courses are a great start for a beginner.  I felt as if I was chucked straight into the deep end but actually it forced me out of my comfort zone and it forced me to produce work constantly for 6 weeks.  I learnt alot not just from having to do it myself but also from looking at what everybody else had done which was inspirational.

I discovered recently that a well-known watercolour artist, Jill Bays, lives just 15 minutes away from me and gives watercolour classes twice a week.  Unfortunately her classes clash with my golf days but I am able to go now and then and I find the classes restful and meditative.

I still can't get myself to put down enough paint and she is constantly saying to me 'more colour, darker, Ann, darker'.  What is wonderful is that she does the same painting as we do and when I am half way through, I am pretty pleased with what I have done and then go over to see what she has done and realise how it REALLY should be done (sigh)!

So here is today's attempt.  It is not finished yet - still got the background and shadows to do.  Will I finish it?  Actually I quite like the unfinished look.

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