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Wednesday 18 November 2015

Day 321 of 365 Day Challenge

Hong Kong Airport Express

I went on a bit of a photo spree today and there were loads of photos that I could have used for my daily photo but I choose one of Hong Kong's Airport Express because it's a unique facility I don't know any other country as having and it makes travelling just so much easier.

The Airport Express is in Hong Kong Central (middle of the city) but there are several check-in points on the MTR (metro) all the way to the airport and it works like this: you arrive at Central MTR and there are airport check-in desks. You need to buy your metro ticket to the airport in advance which then lets you through the barriers. You check in your luggage and that's it. It gets put on your plane. You can now make your way to the airport with only your hand luggage. 

It's wonderful for people who have to vacate their rooms but still have the whole day left before they need to go to the airport. They can check in their luggage and then do all the sightseeing they want to do without having to carry their bags with them. They can then take the MTR when they want, to the airport. The same applies to businessmen. My husband will often do a day's work before he flies out on business. He takes a taxi to the Airport Express checks in his luggage and walks to work and then catches the MTR bag-free at the end of the day. None of the hassle of carrying bags around. I must mention here that there are a couple of the smaller airlines where you can't check-in from here but most of them are covered.

Another little tip here for people travelling in twos. If you buy two single one way tickets from the desk rather than the machine it's $40HK cheaper (which is the price of a cup of coffee). Not sure why.

In this photo you can see the check-in desks on the left and on the right the lifts down to the MTR.

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