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Thursday 10 September 2015

Day 253 of 365 Day Challenge

I had rather a fruitless day finding places in Seoul today. Firstly, I tried to get a SIM card with data which makes touring around a city so much easier but unlike most of the other countries I have been to (apart from China) where they are usually easy to get, here there seem to be many more restrictions. So I have resigned myself to the fact that I shall have to be very well prepared for each day of sightseeing.

Secondly, I tried to find a toy store I had located on the Internet and failed miserably in that too. Without internet on the go to check your location or to check your details you can find yourself walking around hopelessly with no way of getting help. Apart from at the hotel nobody seems to speak English. I realised afterwards that I had gotten off at the wrong metro station. One was called Dongdaemun and the other was Dongdaemun History and Culture Park. So I took this photo at the culture park which was one of the few I took. Hopefully will get better shots tomorrow.

Apps: Hipstamatic, Snapseed, iResize, Marksta 

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