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Sunday 5 February 2012

Taking the Hundertwasser Building one step further

I took a picture of this Hundertwasser building in Vienna some years ago and have been itching for sometime to do something with it.  I had some ideas I wanted to test and I immediately thought of this picture to apply them to.
These are the results:

 Which one do you prefer?


  1. I LOVE this!!!!! You truly do amazing things with PE!!!

  2. Margaret, it's not so difficult as it looks. It's what I call painting with patterns and the secret was the fact that each department block was a different colour. It's going to be the topic of one of my future sessions.

    By the way, I LOVE your thermofax screens. I would so like a thermofax - so envious.

  3. This is great! I think I like the darker one the best.

  4. I prefer the lighter and brighter. F.H. may have preferred the darker, due to his chosen name: "Regentag and Dunkelbunt, translate to "Rainy day" and "Darkly multi-coloured""!