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Sunday 23 October 2011

Making Jewellery with Polymer Clay

I'm still busy with my online jewellery course and I have some pink beads that I wanted to use but no focal bead to use with them so I got out the old polymer clay to see if I could make something suitable.  I liked the hearts and beads that I made but they didn't really suit the beads I had - or maybe I'm too fussy.  I find it hard to put together the right beads to make a necklace look stunning.  Maybe I will just make a plain necklace with my pink beads with a couple of silver beads and findings around them.  Here are the polymer clay hearts I made:


  1. Wow- I am impressed. I find polymer difficult to get exactly how I want. But, you made some really beautiful, antique looking hearts!

  2. Thank you, Leigh, I was pleased - not bad for a first attempt. I think the secret is finding a good stamp to press into the clay.