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Friday 14 October 2011

A Busy Week

I've been enjoying giving a training course this week but I do find it difficult to find time to fit in anything else and I am looking forward to spending some time this weekend doing something crafty.

I had a very distressing moment yesterday morning when I was taking my husband to the station.  It was 6.30am and still dark and I was concentrating on the road I was driving along which is flanked both sides by forest.  The next minute a small deer leapt out in front of the car.  It was that quick I hadn't even braked by the time it hit the bumper.  My husband said that he saw the deer standing just a little back from the road a split second before it jumped:  it must have been spooked by the car.  I killed it instantly.  I still have this image in my mind of this beautiful creature leaping into the headlights.  It was good that I was giving a course because it didn't give me time to mull it over.  Of course the whole bumper was taken out but I was lucky that it was quite localised.  I haven't seen deer in this part of the forest before because it isn't very dense but maybe they frequent this area at night.

So when the course was finished today I just felt like doing something calming and relaxing.  Here are the some pictures I manipulated before going off to pick my husband up from the station in his car...

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  1. I am very sorry about your experiences with the deer. I would imagine that is very distressing!