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Wednesday 7 September 2011

Drawing at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

Last week I went to the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden to do some more drawing for my online course. The gardens are open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays and groups can go on other days by appointment only. 

It was a lovely day weatherwise and the gardens were so tranquil and peaceful.  I was so sorry that I didn't take my binoculars because sitting quietly on my little stool drawing amongst the sculptures, I saw and heard many birds.

What I like about the sculptures is that they are very varied and there are over a 100 of them so there's a fair amount to see.  Also, strolling around these beautiful gardens is such a lovely way to see art - it really shows them off at their best.  On this day I was particularly taken with many of the sculptures which were masks or faces maybe because you can interpret what you think the emotion is of the face.  I found the sculptures by Rick Kirby particularly haunting.

Our drawing assignment for this week was to draw straight away with a water soluble pen which you then wet with a brush to create shading.  I decided to draw Rick Kirby's Fallen Angel:

Here are some more sculptures from the gardens. Below are sculptures by Pat Volk:

and a sculpture by Jilly Sutton:

Ah, I was really sorry that I could only spend half a day there.

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