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Friday 8 July 2016

More Collage Papers

Spent today doing more magazine collage papers, altering them with paint this time. Took a photo of a collection of them and did a quick manipulation on the iPad using this and a photo of a tree and bird I had.

This was the original group of papers that I photographed:

I cropped this and went into iColorama applied Vibrancy, High, Simplify and Flat. Here are two versions.

I then went into Union and used the last one as a background, the former one as a foreground and I added my black and white tree and bird silhouette as a mask. I then added a moon. After a bit more playing around in iColorama I produced these three versions:

This last one I tuned up a bit in Repix.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Ann, and I'm glad I made you laugh! Are you suffering from bin envy yet? Lol!

    Your collages are stunning! I must try this. It would be an interesting way to use scraps of patterned card or paper, too. I have got quite a bit of paper that I bought when I first started, which I don't like, and I like finding ways to use it up. Adding glazes and thin coats of gesso often helps!! I hadn't thought about photo manipulation.