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Sunday 27 December 2015

Day 361 of 365 Day Challenge

I can't believe I am finally near the end of my 365 day challenge. My main purpose was to create a library of digital mobile pictures which I certainly have done but it has been a wonderful way to document what must be one of the most incredible years I have ever had.

My final days of this year are in Cambodia with my very last day in Vietnam. This is my second trip to Cambodia and as memorable as my first. As well as seeing the temples today we went to the fishing village on stilts. The height of these buildings is quite incredible which they have to be because of the height of the water in the rainy season. Also you realise just how lucky you are when you see how basic and hard their life is. Children as young as 6 clearly all have to work and take part in helping the family survive. This is evident everywhere we went in Siem Reap.

I chose this photo as my main photo today because the silhouette that was created taking the photo into the sun reflects the starkness of the place.

Apps: Hipstamatic Tejas + Iron 2000

A family going up the river.

The local school

The father and young boy who took us up the river.

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