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Sunday 13 May 2012

Wax Lyrical

I just have to Wax Lyrical today!

And for anybody who doesn't know what that means here is the definition:

"Wax" is a verb, from Old English (what most people call Anglo-Saxon) "weaxan", meaning "to grow, become". It's the opposite to "wane", meaning "to diminish, weaken". Never heard of the Moon "waxing and waning"?
"Lyrical" is from a Greek word meaning "singing to the lyre (a musical instrument)", and it means "speaking or writing in a way which expresses emotion, rather than describing events".

So it means "to become emotional in one's expression".

There is so much lovely art on the internet now.  Sometimes when I have a minute to spare I allow myself to explore the internet art world and catch up on all the zillions of blogs and flickr pages that I have bookmarked and just marvel at the talent in the world.

Before the internet, artists seemed to be a rare breed.  I have always thought that everybody had potential to be creative but not THAT creative.  And even better for me is how many of them are women!  What's telling for me is that if you had said 'artist' to me 10 years ago I would have pictured a man.  Now if you say 'artist' to me today I instinctively think of a woman!  That was a real revelation to me.

I think I am going to have to do a piece on printing your own art.  It's time for us to get our art on the wall!

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