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Friday 4 November 2011

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

The theme for this week's Photo Friday Art was to get out of one's comfort zone and try a technique that you have been wanting to try for sometime.

I have a wide screen design Trust Pen Tablet and I seldom use it although I know that it would give me so many more opportunities if I did, so I decided to use it to do this week's art photo.  I wanted to somehow use the tracing and sketching possibilities of the tablet to give a photo a painterly effect.

Here is the result.  It reminds me of an old dark oil painting:

Here is the original cropped picture:

Here are the pieces of the picture that I traced and filled in using my pen tablet.  The blue lines were on a separate transparent layer and once I had drawn them I used the smudge tool to make them softer:

This is the background layer.  I changed the hue and applied a cut-out filter:

I blended two layers of the drawn lily on top of the background layer and added a free texture by Shadowhouse Creations (man, I love his stuff!):


I used another of Jerry's textures to create these two alternatives:

Hmmm, not sure which one I like best.


  1. I hear you; they are all lovely. But, I probably lean to the first because of the colors. Very nicely done. I have a small tablet that I have had for several months and haven't even used yet! You are inspiration! Thanks for sharing. kareninkenai

  2. your results are gorgeous! you are definitely at a stage where i have no idea of what you are doing LOL! maybe some day i will understand;) i think i also would have chosen the first one for the best...

  3. Thanks, folks. I think the secret is to play a lot. Everytime I want to apply a blending mode I try the whole lot! I am presently designing an online course so I hope to start putting videos on my site as well.

  4. How lovely! It does look like an old oil painting. What a transformation from the original photograph. While the large image is my fav, of the last two - I would choose the bottom one. Thank you for sharing your art and your editing process with Photo Art Friday. You have encouraged me to use my tablet more too.

  5. Thanks, Bonnie. I like the last one too - interesting colours. However, the turquoise one would suit my guest room perfectly and I am thinking of printing it onto canvas and framing it.

  6. These are beautiful - such transformations from the original! I agree that the secret is to play a lot. You've made me want to get out my tablet and learn to like it!

  7. Wow you really did a great job using this tablet. These look very much like oil paintings. I love the first one and the last one the most. Well done.

  8. How cool! Looks like a painting on velvet. I like all the variations. Isn't it just amazing what can be done with digital editing? The possibilities are limitless.