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Saturday 6 August 2011

It's been a long 2 days..

I am still struggling with the jigsaw.  I found a good size thickish bit of cardboard but when I printed on it, the quality was very fuzzy - even with various print settings.  I do think the quality of the picture is not good enough and I needed to try something else.  However, this was when my computer died...

The computer I have has the power switch on top and I have on a few occasions switched the computer off by mistake.  Well this time my foot pressed down on it and closed it off.  Next thing it won't reboot.  Windows has obviously become corrupted and it took me a long day to retrieve the C drive and recover my data.  To be honest I wouldn't have lost a lot because I save little on my C drive but I hate not knowing what I might have missed.  Even when I had repaired Windows it didn't feel right so I reformatted, reloaded....

Tomorrow is another day.

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