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Saturday 16 July 2011

Thank Goodness for the Open Golf...

I now know why I probably haven't done much hand embroidery up 'til now.  It takes so LONG.  I feel like I have spent hours and hours on my course piece with little to show for it.  I have enjoyed it though - very therapeutic.

When my dear hubby phoned up to ask me what I did all afternoon yesterday, I said 'I watched the British Open Golf while I did some embroidery' and he said 'Oh, fine'.  If I had said 'I watched soap operas all afternoon while I did some embroidery' would I be unfair if I thought he might have said 'haven't you got something better to do'!

So, the piece we are required to do has a very abstract element and I have to say abstract is not really my thing so I can't say I like it but let's see how it looks by the end of the course.  The main thing is that I am getting some practise in and learning new stitches.

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