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Sunday 1 May 2011

I've Succumbed!

I have avoided starting a blog for many years knowing the time required to keep it alive.  However, perhaps the discipline of maintaining it will provide the discipline in my life that I feel I am lacking at the moment.

It's great working for oneself but so much more difficult than working for somebody else where you HAVE to arrive for work and spend the whole day plugging away at your desk even when you feel exhausted.  At home, it's too easy to cave in and say "I'll do it tomorrow".

I am sort of dabbling with vintage at the moment and looking to try and put together a folder of interesting vintage photographs.  Unfortunately, my mother lost all her old photographs in one of her many moves and I have very few which I obtained many years ago for my own albums.  I wonder if my sister has any stashed away someplace??  Anyhow, I have been badgering my friends and it is proving to be very exciting.  To repay their kindness I am giving them back a CD which includes their old photographs plus any that I have retouched.  More on this in the next post...

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