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Monday 27 April 2015

Day 117 of 365 Day Challenge

So today is my first trip into China, a visit to the Dafen Art Village in Shenzhen which is just over the border from Hong Kong. You can take the Hong Kong MTR (underground) to Lo Wu, you cross over the border and pick up the Shenzhen MTR. One change from the Blue line to the Green line at Laojie, then up to Dafen on this line. You go to the A exit and take the right stairs down and just a short walk down the road is the village. Rows and rows of shops with oil paintings. Most formula, some original, some very good, some very bad. You can take your own photo along with you and have it painted! Down the little alleys inbetween the shops, dozens of painters sit churning out paintings.

As well as the shops selling paintings there are some amazing art supply shops with everything an oil painter could want. Massive rolls of canvasses, easels, paints, you name it. The most fascinating are the shops full of brushes and not just small ones, massive ones as big as long wigs!

Choosing a photo to use today was really difficult but in the end I have chosen one of a Shenzhen painter, painting an old fasioned painting. My next choice but my husband's favourite was a picture of one of the alleys with all the canvases lined up ready to sell! I had to also include a picture of the brushes and shop.

Check out the massive brushes below on the right

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