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Saturday 11 April 2015

Day 101 of 365 Day Challenge

It's been cold the last couple of days in Hong Kong and going out on a rainy day today it was not going to be easy to get a picture on the hoof.

In Wan Chai, one of my favourite buildings is The Pawn, one of the few old colonial buildings left. As the name implies it once was a Chinese pawn shop and is now an upmarket shop and restaurant. The restaurant is pretty pricey but we had a great brunch there one Sunday. So that is today's picture. I have included the process.

The picture itself was rather ordinary so I had to think of a way of spicing it up.

I sometimes like to use Portray to give a sketched look but it reduces the pixels and changes the size to the iPad size so I don't use it often. As my photo size was square I needed to first change it to the iPad size otherwise the new sketch becomes impossible to blend back with the original.

I open SketchClub and choose the retina canvas size 1536x2048. I then go to the layers and load the image and then export the result.

This I take into Portray. I go to the filters and choose Acrylic Paints and Distressed Card. I then rub over the people and some parts of the building that I want emphasised.

Back in SketchClub I load this image above the original and change the blend mode to Screen. I want to bring back some of the umbrellas and people so I choose the eraser tool, reduce the opacity to about 17% and the size to 54. I zoom in close and lightly erase the areas I want to bring back.

Then it's into Snapseed to change the size to a square again and to tune it bit with some ambience and warmth.

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