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Monday, 9 May 2011

Adding a Lace Frame

I'm putting together bits and pieces that I can use in some sort of vintage collage.  So today I scanned in five different pieces of lace and created paint brushes in PE with them (horizontal and vertical).  I then created a lace frame with one of the pieces of lace that I could use with my photographs.

Just as an example, I have used the photograph I cleaned up in the previous post and added a slight brown tint so that the combination of the lace and picture was evident.

Here is how you do it:
  • Open a new blank page in Photoshop Elements and open the document that contains the frame. 
  • Drag the frame into the new document and resize it as required.  Now simplify the layer by first making the layer active and then going to the menu and choosing Layer>Simplify Layer.
  • Fill the inside of the lace with a shape.  The picture will only show where the lace and shape is.
  • Now open up the picture you wish to combine with the lace.
  • Drag in the picture and make sure that it is the top layer.  Size it to the same size as the lace frame (lower the opacity of the top layer to see through and then put it back to 100%).
  • Group the layers by selecting Layer>Group with Previous.  You can move the picture around so that you can put it where you want in the frame.

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