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Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Soul of Seoul

I chose unusual photos for days 254 and 255 in Seoul so I decided I wanted to write a separate blog post of my visit to Seoul.

This is my second visit to Seoul and actually Seoul is really like any other city. Have a look a this photo from my hotel. It could be Hong Kong except the buildings are shorter and Hong Kong has not made such a wonderful use of their waterfront.

Just like any other city there are old buildings and new buildings. Instead of red, yellow or black taxis the taxis are often orange. So I asked myself what are the things that stick out for me in Seoul. Firstly, I find the Korean people here very courteous and polite which is not always so in the modern world today. Secondly, Seoul feels like a people's city and the reason why I say this is because it seems to be built with people in mind. Much of it has been destroyed in wars so most of it is modern. I was very impressed by all the cycling lanes, walking paths and outside gyms in the parks. Also, how much free entertainment there is on the weekends.

Here are some photos of first the modern and the old of Seoul and finally a short video of a quartet of ladies playing on the Saturday, those voices and instruments were just lovely.

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  1. Thanks Sue. I'm not getting much art done with all the travelling but it is a fantastic experience and I'm loving it.