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Tuesday 10 January 2012

Phone Cover / Bag: Printing and Sewing Fabric

I was given a new phone for Christmas and wanted to create my own cover.  I also wanted to create a little bag that I could hang down from my neck to contain my phone (and later realised that if I made it big enough I could use it for glasses as well).

I have finally loaded the latest version of Photoshop Elements on a Windows 7 operating system and, boy, did I have trouble printing the fabric.  I gave up trying to print a custom size and chose an existing print size.  The size that worked well for what I wanted was the US legal size 8.5 by 14.  This was the exact size I needed (I printed it without borders so that it took up the entire 8.5 by 14 although I cut my fabric slightly larger than this).  If I cut it down the middle lengthwise, the one half was perfect for the outside and the other half the inside fabric.

So I took the outside piece and put a piece of thin batting under it.  I then quilted the outside piece and lined it with the inside piece.  Here are some of my fabric prints and some of my samples.  I haven't finished my final 'phone bag' yet so these ones are shorter and are not big enough to hold my glasses. Also I decided for my final version not to have a flap but a piece of velcro on the inside.  The button takes too long to open and a flap means using some of the length or printing out more fabric.

All the fabrics were designed in Photoshop Elements and printed on my Epson pigment printer (you can see I have quilted the strip on the right):

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