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Thursday 12 January 2012

Phone Bag Complete

I've completed my 'phone bag' and I'm pretty pleased with it:

I learnt quite a lot from making it and here are some tips that might be useful if you want to make one:

  1. If you want to make it double-sided make sure that the fabric is thin.  The fabric I used here was too thick and I wouldn't bother to turn it the other way round - too much hassle.
  2. I used little stick on velcro circles on the inside to secure the top which also makes it one-sided but very convenient.  Whether they will fall off remains to be seen!  Maybe worth sewing them on before you attach the inside and outside.
  3. Also, next time I think I would put the right sides together of the outside and inside, sew all the way around with the loops in place, leaving a small gap, turn it right-side out and then just sew up the sides close to the edge.  Trying to sew around the narrow top was very fiddly when I tried to put the inside and outside together.

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